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 Dr David Kelly- Murder or Suicide

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Dr David Kelly- Murder or Suicide Empty
PostSubject: Dr David Kelly- Murder or Suicide   Dr David Kelly- Murder or Suicide EmptyThu Dec 17, 2009 3:20 pm

Evil or Very Mad
Bush and Blair went to war in Iraq on a lie that WMD were in the hands of one Saddam Hussein. Was it true? Certainly as time moves on more people believe that these two Heads of State have some questions to answer.
In the UK, Blair went to Parliament with a dossier that was used to get Members of Parliament to vote in favour to invade Iraq. This dossier became to be known as the 'dodgy dossier' as there were so many holes in it you could probably drive a tank through it.

Dr. David Kelly was the UK's top scientist with regards to Weapons of Mass distruction. He was being relied upon by the government to provide evidence that the mad Saddam could release his weapons within 45 minutes. What transpired was that Dr David Kelly's report to government did not fit in with what Blair wanted to do and no doubt pressure was placed on the Doctor to change certain passages within his report.

As probably a true and honest man he, Dr Kelly probably felt that his reputation was under attack. He contacted or was contacted by a BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan. The meeting between them eventually resulted in Andrew Gilligan suggesting that Blair and his allies were not telling the truth about Iraq's weapons. Gilligan tried to keep his source of the information secret and despite repeated requests by the Labour government to expose the individual who had spoken out to Gilligan, the journalist appears to have kept tight lipped. Over a period of days the pressure grew to find out who was talking and eventually the pressure cooker exploded and Dr David Kelly admitted that he had been the one who had spoken to Gilligan.

Dr Kelly was summoned to appear before a Parliamentary lynch mob of MP's, mainly Labour where a very uncomfortable Dr Kelly had to explain himself. The pressure on him must have been unbelievable as suddenly he had been launched from obscurity into the spot light of media frenzy. For a time his home was surrounded by journalist and camera men wanting to get their slice of the scandal. Meanwhile the Labour governments black arts were being used to blacken the reputations of Dr kelly, Andrew Gilligan and Greg Dyke, the top man at the BBC who had wanted to support Gilligan. Gilligan and Dyke would be asked to resign from their posts at the BBC for their treachery towards the Labour Goverment.

Dr kelly was summoned a second time to appear in front of a government Intelligence and Security on 16th July 2003. the following day he was at home communicating with friends and colleagues via e mail. One of his e mails stated'many black artists playing games', What did he mean by that? He later left his home and went for a walk, probably to clear his head and digest what had happened to his life.

Dr Kelly walked to some woods about half a mile from his home--------------it is here that the story takes on three possible scenarios. Which ever scenario is the truth, the fact is Dr. David kelly was found dead the following day after his wife had reported him missing. He had apparently taken an over dose of tablets and then slit his wrist with a pen knife.

The first scenario is probably the most unlikely, that is Iraqi intelligence had got to him because of the dossier and in someway had killed the poor man. He had been in Iraq with the UN WMD inspectors prior to the war and would have been known to Iraqi intelligence. Is it likely that the Iraqi's would have gone out of their way to silence a scientist who had blown Blairs arguement for going to war.,,,,,,,,,,, in my view very improbable.

The second scenario and the one the British Government would like all to believe is that the pressure was too great on the scientist and he decided that enough was enough and suicide was his intent when he left his home for the last time. There is no doubt that the man had been under great strain but his honesty and self esteem must be admired as he alone had stood in front of the establishment to be chastised for his treachery in not wholly supporting the arguement of Saddams WMD. I ask who was treasonous, was it kelly or a Government that believed its power could crush all who stood against it.

The third scenario is that kelly was murdered by agents of the British Government. He had managed to embarass the Blair government and now more people were beginning to question the motives behind the dodgy dossier. He was found lying on his back although others have said he was lying against a tree. His left wrist had been cut but when paramedics arrived they found that the amount of blood at the scene was small and inconsistent with that which would normally have caused death. It is thought that he had lost no more than a pint of blood from a wound to his. A subsequent post-mortem revealed Kelly had taken Co-Proxamol but only one fifth of a tablet had been found in his stomach. There has been suggestions that three men had been seen a short distance away when Dr Kelly was first discovered but none of these individuals have been found. Various medical Doctors have stated that the injury and the small amount of Co-Proxamol in his body was insufficient to induce death. To compound the conspiracy, all sudden death cases in the Uk are investigated by a Coroners Court. In Dr kelly case this did not occur. The British Government set up a Judicial Enquiry headed by Lord Hutton, a man picked by the Blair to investigate the lead up to the Iraq war and Dr kelly's death. The end result was that the Hutton Enquiry deduced that Dr Kelly had committed suicide and therefore a Coroner Inquest was not required. The Police as a result closed the enquiry.

Was he murdered or did he commit suicide????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
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Dr David Kelly- Murder or Suicide
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