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 Alton Towers

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PostSubject: Alton Towers   Alton Towers EmptyThu Dec 17, 2009 3:15 am

Hidden away in the grounds of the UK's number 1 tourist attraction is a derelict gothic mansion, the original Alton Towers. Very few visitors are actually aware of the buildings existence, or the haunted folklore which surrounds it.

Alton Towers was built in an area named Bunbury Hill. The land started out as an Iron Age fort in the years before 1000BC and remained that way till Saxon King Ceolred Mercia made it his fortress in 700AD. Right through to the 1100s AD, the fort had many uses and many owners, until it was given to a crusader Bertram de Verdan for his efforts during The Holy Land Wars.

Eventually it came to belong to the Talbot family. The first Earl of Shrewsbury was John Talbot who for most of his life fought alongside Henry V. The family always remained close to the heart of the rulers of the country.
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Alton Towers
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