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 What is Cryptozoology And Cryptids?

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PostSubject: What is Cryptozoology And Cryptids?   What is Cryptozoology And Cryptids? EmptyThu Dec 17, 2009 3:04 am

Bernard Heuvelmans earned a doctorate in zoology and was interested in animal oddities until he read a 1948 article, "There Could be Dinosaurs,” by Ivan Sanderson in the Saturday Evening Post. He credits this article about the possibility of dinosaurs surviving in remote regions inspiring him to have an interest in studying Unknown Mysterious Animals or UMAs.

Heuvelmans coined the term, “cryptozoology,” to create the field as a science and separate it from other paranormal areas. Earlier writers in the field, using the terms exotic or romantic zoology, usually included creatures of mythology and folklore. Cryptids include those UMAs who have been witnessed, but not killed or captured, animals thought to be extinct and those found outside their natural habitats.
Cryptozoology as a Speculative Science

The field has its roots in biology and zoology. Cryptozoologists research UMAs hoping to gather evidence to prove that these cryptids might exist. Usually, cryptozoologists begin by gathering sightings from witnesses and analyzing them. Plaster casts are made from foot or paw prints. Hair samples and scat will be tested, if available. Cryptozoologists’ goal is to determine if the evidence is strong enough to interest zoologists and biologists in trying to prove a new species or subspecies of animals exists.
Cryptids Science Doesn’t Recognize

While these have been sighted, some filmed or photographed and have left evidence, such as foot or paw prints and scat, none have been captured or killed with its body intact, so they remain unrecognized by mainstream science. These include:

* Big Foot and counterparts like the Yeti;
* Water monsters or serpents;
* Giant birds, Thunderbirds;
* Chupacabras;
* Mothman;
* Nandi bears, and;
* Mokele-Mbembe.

Cryptids Found Outside their Natural Habitats

Members of this group are Alien Big Cats, ABCs, also called phantom panthers. There have been sightings in the Americas, Australia and Europe. ABCs have killed domestic animals for food. In some cases, pictures were taken, paw prints were cast and scat and hair were analyzed.

Read more at Suite101: What Are Cryptozoology and Cryptids?: Bernard Heuvelmans is the Father of the Study of Hidden Animals |
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What is Cryptozoology And Cryptids?
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