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 Rendlesham Forest UFO

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PostSubject: Rendlesham Forest UFO   Rendlesham Forest UFO EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 10:09 am

Rendlesham is an extensive pine forest containing a lighthouse and some other buildings.

In 1980, the forest was allegedly used by the National Security Agency (NSA), one of the United State's most covert intelligence units. Stories of top secret experiments were widespread. The official function of the site was given as one for research into over-the-horizon radar, systems to detect targets at very long ranges, during the Cold War.
First Sighting of Rendlesham Forest UFOs

On December 26, USAF security patrolmen John Burroughs and Budd Parker were on duty by the east gate of RAF Woodbridge when they noticed an alien craft. It hovered down and landed in the forest.

Officials tried to convince the patrolmen that an airplane had crashed, but there was odd electricity in the air and a sudden light flash before the airship rose upward. The following morning, evidence of the UFO's presence was found. Tree tops were broken, there were three holes in the ground in a triangular formation and infrared radiation was found.
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Rendlesham Forest UFO
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