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 Iraq and those pesky WMD's

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Iraq and those pesky WMD's Empty
PostSubject: Iraq and those pesky WMD's   Iraq and those pesky WMD's EmptyTue Dec 15, 2009 9:21 pm

I have a couple things to get off my chest about this. Bear with me.

Bush didn't lie. There I said it.

He, and the Congressional members that supported him, acted on seemingly faulty intelligence provided to them by the CIA. If you want to point blame, aim it at the CIA.

With that said, during the summer of 2004, "WMD" and their traces was found. Granted it wasn't in the stockpiles that the media would lead us to believe, but it was found. In mid August 2004, if memory serves, several things were found.

  1. A former chemical weapons cash that yielded a full three kilo canister of Cyclosarin. It was found to have the potency level equal to a drop on your skin would kill you in 0.2 seconds and a concentration level to kill 60,000 people. That equates to the 50 yard line at the Superbowl, or if you prefer, midfield on the pitch at the World Cup and the entire stadium dies.

  2. A Nuclear research lab that was so radioactively hot, that the personnel that found it should have been in full CBRN gear and were required to undergo a full decon afterward.

  3. A Sarin gas IED was used in an attack on a convoy in May of 2004

  4. Two weeks prior to that, a Mustard gas IED was also used.

  5. A total of 80 tons of mustard gas ordinance has been discovered, comprised of bombs and artillery shells. The UN Inspectors were apparently "surprised" by this. Reported May 17, 2004. Five months later CNN reports no stockpiles found...

Where was this in the news... Oh wait, most of the media was supporting Kerry. Allowing this to make the news would have forced them to admit "Bush was right."

One last thing, in Germany, Nazi secrets are still turning up to this day. 64 years later, and it it is believed, with more still to be found. Hitler was only in power for 12 years. Saddam was in power for twice as long. We, that is to say, the Allied Coalition have only been engaged over there for 6 1/2.

I think that many more dirty secrets are going to be rearing their ugly heads in the desert over the next half century or so.

Nazi secrets:,,2637505,00.html

Sarin IED and Mustard gas:,2933,120137,00.html


I will attempt to provide more citations to the WMD discoveries, once I am able to track them back down. Bear with me, I heard them on the radio over 5 years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if the story has now been squashed by big media.

Between this, Photoshop front covers and CBS's failure to fact check, I have little trust in the Media.

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Iraq and those pesky WMD's Empty
PostSubject: Re: Iraq and those pesky WMD's   Iraq and those pesky WMD's EmptyWed Dec 16, 2009 4:39 am

Thanks for that informatin!!
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Iraq and those pesky WMD's
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