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 Babylon 5: Crusade: "The Visitors from Down the Street" (S01E12)

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Babylon 5: Crusade: "The Visitors from Down the Street" (S01E12) Empty
PostSubject: Babylon 5: Crusade: "The Visitors from Down the Street" (S01E12)   Babylon 5: Crusade: "The Visitors from Down the Street" (S01E12) EmptyWed Dec 23, 2009 2:11 pm

Title: The Visitors from Down the Street
Media Form: TV Series
Topic: Fictional Visitation, Abduction, Cover up conspiracy
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Director: Jerry Apoian




This episode is a must see for anyone who is a "fan" of stories of Alien Abduction, Visitation and Government Cover ups. It is (since the demise of the series and franchise) a more or less "stand alone" episode. I feel that it isn't necessary to be knowledgeable of the B5 canon in order to enjoy this one episode.

This story relates the tale of Abduction, Visitation and Cover ups, but from a reverse viewpoint. The cast encounter a pair of Truth Seeking citizens from a "Pre-Contact" planet who accuse the humans of interfering on their world and their government of being complicit with their visitation and covering it up.

Despite being a work of Science Fiction, the plot premise and the twist ending is sure to be an "eye opener" for the real world truth Seekers and Alien Conspiracy Theorists. I feel that it opens a whole new avenue of possibility on the subject.
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Babylon 5: Crusade: "The Visitors from Down the Street" (S01E12)
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